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Narcissa Black

Mean Girl Extraordinaire

Narcissa Alexandrina Malfoy
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Narcissa Alexandrina Malfoy

Name: Narcissa Alexandrina Black
Age: 19
Birthdate: December 23, 1959
Bloodline: Pureblood
Political Affiliation: Not yet a Death Eater, but pro-Voldemort
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Being preceded into the world by two attractive sisters doesn't seem to have dimmed Narcissa's star - if anything, she stands out from the rest of the Blacks with her long, blond hair and pale blue eyes. Her sharp features and pale complexion seem to give off a cold haughtiness, something Narcissa does not attempt to rectify. After all, looking friendly might attract the wrong kind of people. Narcissa is reasonably tall and quite thin, though she doesn't allow these genetic blessings to make her lazy. Keeping her figure perfect is a top priority for her - she couldn't bear the thought of getting even slightly out of shape.

Though quite pretty, Narcissa's attitude and perceived superiority are obvious in every aspect of her appearance. She always makes perfectly sure that there is never a hair out of place, and she is always dressed with meticulous attention to detail in the latest fashions. All in all, the effect can be quite intimidating to those unused to the shameless flaunting of wealth, and that's the way Narcissa likes it.

Narcissa is and always has been a little bit in love with herself. Being the baby of the family certainly gave her some advantages growing up, and she was always fairly coddled. She enjoyed popularity during her years at Hogwarts, lending even more credence to her belief that she could - and would - get anything she wanted. And she certainly won't stand for anything less.

Though Narcissa might not appear so at the outset, she is extremely ambitious. This ambition might not extend to making good marks or obtaining an important job, but it does involve doing the absolute best for herself as a proper pureblood woman. She doesn't care to be a paragon of the professional world, she just wants to be wealthy and fabulous for the rest of her life. Is that really so much to ask?

So Narcissa plays the social game, as that is what will most likely get her what she wants. In public she is charming and attractive, if seemingly a bit vapid, but those closer to her would know that she can be manipulative, clever, and catty. She's not necessarily the pretty, empty-headed little doll that she appears.

Narcissa Black was born on December 23, 1959, the last in a line of three daughters born to Cygnus and Druella Black. From the very start she idolized her older sisters, especially Bellatrix, whose passionate nature she adored. Narcissa's own demeanor, however, was not quite as fiery as either of her sisters', at least on the surface. She had always been rather reserved, and absolutely despised confrontation of any kind. Despite her apparent distance, Narcissa was always affectionate with family members and close friends. She quickly and easily built up a large social network of people, and this skill would ease her passage through school - and, later, life beyond Hogwarts.

Narcissa's time at school was spent quite pleasantly, apart from the family conflict that would end with Andromeda's renunciation of the family. Sorted into Slytherin, she wasted no time making friends and asserting herself as "queen bee." When the trouble with Andromeda started, Narcissa's friends became more than just a means of popularity to her - she depended on them greatly during those upsetting times. After Hogwarts she stayed in touch with many of her close companions, and sees them whenever possible.

Though Narcissa was always pleasant to those she considered friends, people who lacked that particular title did not always have an easy time with her. Throughout school she enjoyed needling those she considered inferior to herself, whether that be due to House affiliation, finances, looks, or whatever else she could think of.

Popularity wasn't the only thing Narcissa had her eye on at Hogwarts, however. Having paid close attention to her mother's advice, she was always on the lookout for the perfect pureblood mate. Such a man could ensure a future of comfort and social stability, and she was absolutely determined to find the best candidate available. It wasn't long before she set her sights on Lucius Malfoy, and she was thrilled when eventually, in her sixth year, the proper advances were made.

Now that Narcissa is out of Hogwarts, she spends much of her time flitting from social engagement to social engagement, spending her family's gold, and keeping her eye on this fascinating Voldemort fellow.

Player: melp
Played By: Olivia Wilde
Profile: unoriginal

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